Church Friends and Family…

Our church family will be gathering this Sunday to celebrate the gospel and God’s work in our lives.

This Sunday, we will be meeting at the BSU (also called BCM) building on the U of L campus. Come at 11am for fun and fellowship. Lunch will be around 1pm, followed by a great time of testimony. Our day will end with a worship service there (note: not at H——’s!), from 5–7pm, the same time as usual. There will be no dinner following the service.

Who is welcome?

Anyone is welcome — old and new friends, especially those who have had anything to do with the church or your ministries. Invite others; there is no greater way of sharing the good news of God’s grace than by seeing it celebrated among His people (see 1 Cor. 14:24–25). If you cannot come early, please join us for the worship service at 5pm.

What can I bring?

Bring stories/testimonies, if you don’t mind, of what you have learned about God recently. Even if you only share a Scripture/psalm and why it has been meaningful to you recently, that would be most welcome! We also expect to hear from you if you were on missions this summer, and also if you recently joined the church (bring pictures if you’ve got them!).

Everyone is welcome to bring dishes and/or drinks (which will be a need in the hot weather). J—— and J—— are providing the main dish for us and L—— is bringing beans. Also, it might be a good idea to bring a blanket because the service may be outside.

What other questions do you have?

Please contact me or go to the U of L website map if you need directions to the “Baptist Campus Center” Building.

Feel free to send this email to others you would like to invite.

Here is one more thing I want to say as a follow-up to the preaching Sunday, if you heard it. Since disciples are made by disciples, and people become like their teachers (see Luke 6:40), our challenge is: are we modeling, in all things, the sort of lives we hope to see in others? I want to follow-up and say: many of you are modeling godly lives in many ways (and growing in other ways). You are the kind of disciples I long to see reproduced among all peoples! So now, more than ever, if you have any consolation by God’s grace that saves us, trains us, and sends us, go and make disciples!

I’ve prayed that the Word and peace of Christ reigns among us all… in our families… in our workplaces… in our church. Let me know how I can be praying for you specifically.

With much love (for all) and a holy kiss (for the brothers… and my wife). Hope to see you soon!