Hello again… hope your heart stays Spirit-warmed as winter comes blustering in. I wanted to be transparent with some opportunities to serve… to see whether God would have serve in these specific ways:

  • This Sunday our church will not be meeting at H——’s; this is the first time in almost two years… because we receive at our church new people very often, I think it would be a good idea to have someone be at H——’s from 5:00 to around 5:30 on Sunday, just to welcome anyone that may come and bring them with you to the fellowship. You will arrive at the fellowship while food is still being served, and you will not miss the time of worship. Please let me know if this is you…
  • M—— asked if there was anyone who would like to participate in leading the music with him for the fellowship meeting. The music is going to be very simple, and will probably meet beforehand on Sunday afternoon. Any help is welcome…
  • Those of you who are eager to see the new Chinese church plant succeed, let’s meet after the church fellowship this Sunday. We will continue our ministry planning. While some things remain unknown, we move forward. Following the meeting, let’s pray and fast Sunday night and Monday during the day, bringing our desires and weakness and open hearts and hands to the Lord, so that He may be pleased and establish our work and equip us with feet readied for the gospel of peace. I want to tell you a few days in advance so that we may be in one accord.

Love you all… you can talk to me if you have any questions,