We had a great meeting together Wednesday night, hearing the Lord’s invitation to hunger for and taste his goodness (Psalms 34). We also measured our lives against the “plumb line” (standard) of Scripture (Amos 7:7–9) by using verses John 21:20–21, Joshua 9:14–15, and Proverbs 14:4, and by using helpful, searching questions (such as “10 Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Year; I recommend using these questions this week). In this way, we prepared our hearts to seek the Lord through prayer and fasting for the remainder of the week. We are looking forward to the retreat.

Note well: We are now beginning the retreat at 8:30am on Sunday (not 9am) at J——’s house. Directions will be sent out by him soon. We will break fast together at that time. We will also have a substantial break in the late afternoon before our church meeting at H——’s.

Call or write back with questions or if you need a ride. You can also share with us any insights or prayers you gain this week as you pray. This would serve many, especially those who are away. Thanks for your encouragement and cooperation!

Your Brother and Servant,