Its been very good to worship with you the last two weeks. Continue to enjoy each other’s fellowship throughout the week. Have such strong affections for one another that you share not only the gospel but also your whole lives, as H—— taught us from 1 Thessalonians 2:8. I’m glad God has given us in our midst living examples of this verse.

Here are two things we’ve announced and are encouraging everyone to consider:

  • New Attitude Conference in downtown Louisville, May 26—29. At the end of May there will be a special conference for young adults (that’s all of us). The conference will help answer the question, How do God’s truth-bearers communicate the Truth to the world? We must do it humbly, and with discernment. Register by May 7 (the end of this week!). Join us for this excellent opportunity to hear sound preaching and to worship together with thousands. Talk to me if you have questions about scholarship help or seminary discount.
  • Mission to Nepali’s in Dallas. We are joining God’s work among the 5,000 Nepalese people that have moved to Dallas. We have already met some of them who have come up to visit D——. He has been ministering there and now a young church has been born! How can we help? The week of July 16 we will fly down there for a mission: discipling the young church, cultural learning, evangelism, and inviting people to a revival. We are looking for a strong team… and we know God is already preparing one. We hope to know by May 31 if you’re going, so that we can make plans and purchase plane tickets soon. Pray and talk with us about any questions.

Thanks for your willingness to serve. Continue to pray for one another and pray for a new location for our church meetings. Pray also for E——’s father, and also for W—— as he serves in East Asia this week. Pray for D—— as he prepares to leave for Kuwait this week. God has entrusted this work to us. We need a strong church now more than ever…

Your brother,