We’ve prayed for H——, for his advisor and for his work. We’ve prayed for his endurance. We’ve been blessed by his work and his heart among us.

H—— called yesterday after his dissertation defense to say that he passed! Praise God! He will still finalize his work over the next two weeks and get all the signatures he needs to become Dr. H——. This road has been six years long for him. And honestly, we know he is grateful for these years, not because of the degree, but because of the discipleship. Watching God transform hearts is the greater miracle.

We also saw H—— last night with a few others who were at W—— and W——’s. We noticed him in the corner playing with the Hudson’s baby toys. He was fascinated. H—— always warned us that Ph.D. = “Permanent Head Damage.” Actually, he is greatly relieved, and now he can rest and prepare to leave us well. And so we cannot stop praying now.

While we were together we said goodbye to W—— and R—— and gave them nice Chinese/English Bibles from Crossroads. They were very grateful for their time here and to hear about Jesus. Many of us will continue to stay in touch with them and pray for them. Pray that they are able to connect with a good group of believers in China.

Go forward, so that God continues to do this work among us, for the sake of His name among the nations,