Now that we have read encouraging news from others in the church today, please read below and prepare your heart to continue to go forward.


There are things that only God can do: change hearts, convict people of their sin and their need for Him, reveal the truth of Jesus as the Promised One and the Son of God, give true and lasting joy. These things have happened to us during the last months, so we know: God is working among us. God dwells in the church by His Spirit (Eph. 2:22).

We also know that God will be glorified among the nations (Ps. 46:10). And He is pleased to include us to share His glory and joy. We join God in reaching, training and sending worshipers of Jesus among the nations. We should not be surprised when God — Who answers prayer — sends some of our most precious people to join His work and carry His worship around the world. This is glorious: we are so small, and God is too great for just Crossroads. He will build His church where Christ is not known (Rom 15:20).

We have joined God in praying for this to happen. If God is answering our prayers (and He is), then we must now pray: God, sustain your church, Crossroads, so that we can continue to be a part of this mighty work, in Louisville and the world. Give us more people to give away. Give us the daily bread and support we need to succeed. Give us a place to meet. Give us hearts to pray and worship you while You do these incredible things. Help us not rest from working nor cease from praying until You are glorified among the nations.

“If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make our joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose” (Php. 2:1–2). Renew your commitment again to Christ’s church and let’s pray together.

On Sunday, we called the church to pray and fast this coming Sunday (5/20). We are renewing that call now, in case you have forgotten or you were not there to hear it. The church is at a crossroads, and we must humble ourselves so that we will jointly go God’s way.

If you are able to fast (if you are not pregnant or getting married…), take the time you would to eat a meal in order to pray, worship and read Scripture alone and with your family. You are a part of this church; this call is not for someone else, nor is it time to see how to get by with as little prayer as possible. In fact, churches around the world are setting aside time next week for a day of prayer and fasting for world evangelization. You are not alone.

K—— and I will be praying near H——’s (outside around UPA) before church on Sunday from 4–5pm. For over two years, we have prayed early before our church meetings, for the church and for ministry. Please try to come if you are able for any time before the church meeting. We will be walking around outside.

If you need guidance while praying, please remember:

  • D—— in Kuwait
  • D——, S——, and their families, and H—— and L——
  • Need for a church location
  • Summer missions (M——, S——, M——, W—— and W——, trip to Dallas, Helmers)
  • J—— and J——’s marriage
  • Pray for a specific unreached people group (the IMB asks churches to pray for the Udmurts of Russia; see link above)
  • Concerns of church members (you are always welcome to send additional prayer requests and praises to the church)

Be encouraged! Keep going forward! Your summer is a wonderful gift to use for God’s glory. I truly look forward to seeing you soon.

Your brother,