Next week is our last meeting in H——’s apartment (May 27). Some of us were able to pray and fast last Sunday and meet after the church service to talk. I wanted you all to be up-to-date about what is happening.

We don’t have a permanent solution for a meeting location. But we remember that the church was always meant to be flexible, not dependent upon any one place. The church must also decide and act together, because we are not dependent upon any one person. That is the beauty of the church. Everyone agreed, and no one has complained about the requirement to stay flexible and active. Crossroads will always be a changing church. God will always be unchanging. So we are free to follow His unbreakable Word. We have seen God do great things, and we anticipate that He will keep doing them. We agree that we must keep intentional about planting this church again.

We will meet in two weeks (June 3) at B—— and E——’s. They live in University Tower Apartments (UTA). In three weeks (June 10), we will meet in the BCM building on campus. We will alternate between these locations for now, but we cannot settle in either place yet. Other location ideas included renting our own apartment in UPA or using the facilities of another church building. Everyone who discussed this on Sunday offered their own homes for occasional meetings, but we know that not every place is big enough or central enough (near to the University).

We will have a Wednesday meeting next week (May 30) at 6:30pm in order to clean H——’s apartment and get back his deposit! More importantly, we have commissioned H—— on Sunday. This is much more significant because it is the people that are the real house of God by His Spirit.

This summer, we will really love each other by communicating often with one another. Keep your brother or sister informed. Don’t wait for them to come to you first. Listen for how you can serve them and bear a burden. Remember those who are away.

God has given us a great honor in praising Him and serving His kingdom (Ps. 149:9)! I’m always glad to be praising and serving with you. I’m a servant of the church by God’s mercy. Let me know any questions you have.

Praying for you,