Thank you for your faithfulness to one another. Summer is an irregular time, it seems, but it will probably be a regular occurrence in the life of the church. The church needs to be awake now, especially as new students arrive on campus. How do you feel about meeting at the BCM so far?

We will have our annual celebration meeting August 19. We will celebrate the gospel and what God is doing around the world through Crossroads. Our Sunday service will begin at 3pm at the BCM on the 19th.

What can you do? Please prepare a short testimony if you were a part of a special ministry this summer (pictures, show and tell, treats?, engage us with as many senses as you can). We’ll have a break and then worship. Invite others, too.

Also, if you are involved in a regular ministry outside of the church, you will have an opportunity to share that with others. We will have a Ministry Fair. Our church is blessed with many gifted people — people who are involved in a ministry and those who should be! Are you looking for a place to serve? Or, are you serving already and could use some help? Prepare a small information sheet to hand out explaining the ministry and some needs. Don’t hesitate to invite others to join you in a new ministry God puts on your heart (prayer ministry, evangelism, ministry to refugees, homeless, prison, nursing home?). Pray and look into it and we’ll help you make it happen.

Keep building one another up as you are doing. Prepare yourself for intentional ministry and discipleship this school year. New people from around the world arrive! Prepare your minds for action. Jesus Christ has fought and won and we get to follow Him and rout the enemy.

Remember K—— and me as we go to India Aug 1—12. M—— will return Aug 3. Pray for all the saints! (Eph. 6:18). Pray along with Ephesians 6:10–20 and also Psalms 20, your homework from church. Thanks for your prayers.

See you soon, Lord willing,
The Helmers