Thank you for your prayers while K—— and I traveled to India! The Lord answered the prayers we prayed and we got to see many things we hoped for. K—— is still very healthy after the travel (she did better than me!).

We want to tell you more, and we will this Sunday during our celebration. Please join us at the BCM at 3pm. We will worship together and eat dinner after we hear missions reports. You can also email in a report if you are away and would like everyone to know how you are doing and how we can pray. I also hope to hear about ministry opportunities that some of you can present.

Would you email me if you plan to share a report (so we can be orderly)? Would you also let me know if you have a ministry opportunity you can share? There should be a projector and laptop if you want to show any pictures or a brief presentation.

Really look forward to seeing you and working with you this year!
The Helmers