B—— and E—— are home from the hospital with Samuel and everyone is doing fine.

This Sunday (9/23) we will not meet in their apartment at UTA, but we will meet together outside at the park very near to UTA. Stansbury Park is located past the row of houses that are next to the apartment building (south). This park is between 3rd and 4th streets, just like UTA.

Please bring: a blanket or chair, and your Bible. Friends are welcome (this will be enjoyable). There is shade, some benches, a bathroom and a small playground for the children.

There is a parking lot on the 4th Street side of the park. You can also park along 3rd Street. Drive as you would to UTA and continue past it to the next traffic light, whether on 3rd or 4th. You probably won’t see a sign for the park. Look for a playground and tennis courts.

I know our church enjoys being flexible, as we should be. I look forward to meeting with you!