Hello again,

We looked into a few options for a Crossroads meeting place this week. A few of you said you didn’t mind meeting at the park last week (I was glad to do it!), and that will be our back-up plan this week.

We are going to meet at UTA again, the building of B—— and E——’s apartment. We will use a community room in the basement. Arrive at 5pm so B—— can allow you in. There will be some seats and tables there. Please bring your Bible again, and a grateful heart! God has not left us alone! He has provided a place for us to meet Him: the mercy seat, that is, Jesus Christ!

I asked you to pray for J——. We need to pray also for M——’s family. This week, two elderly men in his church passed away, and M——’s uncle experienced a terrible farming accident and is unconscious in the hospital. Pray for these things and for M—— as he visits with his family this weekend.

I sent this message in case you would read it before our church meeting where we will also pray (because we need to pray now). I will give those of you in Louisville a call to explain our meeting location.

Thanks for serving by praying. See you soon,