Called-out Ones,

I also want to prepare you for the church retreat and time of prayer and fasting that begins the new year. We have discussed this for a while at church and had decided on a date together.

We reserved the conference center in Crestwood (30 minutes drive) Saturday evening, 5pm, Jan 12 until Sunday evening, Jan 13. The church budget is going to cover the cost for everyone who attends.

The retreat is designed to give you the opportunity to be refreshed and committed to the year ahead of kingdom-building. We will worship and pray together, eat and rest together (after fasting together), and plan together.

Take advantage of this opportunity by coming on Saturday evening for worship and prayer. A few people (those helping with SNT), will arrive later. We will all be together Sunday morning until dinner time (with a break in the afternoon). This meeting is for all those who consider themselves a part of Crossroads.

Note: Our usual church meeting on Sunday will be at this event, and it will happen Sunday morning.

Send any questions back. Prepare your minds for action. Ignite a passion for reaching the nations through international student church planting and disciple making. Reach the lost, train the reached, send the trained!