Are you preparing to do everything for God’s glory this year? Are you training to run the race, to the end, to win? How are you using your time this week to grow in Christ?

This week is a special focus for Crossroads members. It is the beginning of a new year, and calls for a fresh beginning with God. The first step, the first word of the gospel, is “repent,” as we heard this past Sunday (Mk. 1:1–15). Repentance means making the way straight and clear between you and God. It is the first step (and ongoing) for every disciple of Jesus. Repentance (“turning to God”) also involves a time of separation, as we saw when Jesus went out to the desert. Hunger for God this week, and find new strength.

We will fast for 40 hours, from Friday dinnertime until Sunday morning (some are fasting longer). Following our morning worship service Sunday, we will break our fast together at the Lord’s Supper. If you cannot do this, then determine an appropriate way to hunger for God. There are many things from which we can fast in order to grow in our desire for the things of God.

Wednesday this week (Jan. 9) we will have a special prayer meeting, including worship. At that time we will also distribute papers with — missionaries, missions opportunities, financial report, retreat details — to help us pray and prepare for the weekend retreat. We will meet at UTA (B—— and E——’s building) at 6:15pm. Our Wednesday meetings are usually an hour; we’ll try to finish at 7:30pm. (So prepare your hearts ahead of time to worship and pray!)

The retreat will be at Kavanaugh Retreat Center in Crestwood (30 minutes drive).

Here is a rough schedule (24 hours):

  • Arrive Saturday, 6pm for personal retreat time (take advantage! we will have prayer and Scripture guides for help)
  • Corporate Worship and Prayer, 9:30pm
  • Sunday morning worship, 9:30am
  • Lunch
  • Retreat meeting one
  • Break
  • Retreat meeting two
  • Finish by 6pm
  • Go make disciples!

This is a summary of what I announced at church. Please send me your questions. I’ve been praying for each of you. Pray for me too.

Your brother,