We will celebrate the Great Commission this Sunday at church. Family members will be attending and we will be specifically praying for missionaries this summer and M—— and J—— as they leave next Tuesday.

Our church meeting will be at M—— and L——’s home — outside. We will send out directions to you this week. Our meeting will be at the same time (5pm) and we will have dinner together at 7pm for M—— and J—— and for our graduates.

Please bring a dish to pass for the dinner. Please also bring an outdoor chair if you have one (we will notify you if we will change plans because of the weather).

Also, we would like to give a gift to M—— and J——. We believe that gospel ministry is the greatest privilege on the planet and happily do it for free (1 Cor. 9:15–18). Scripture also teaches that workers are worthy of their wages (1 Cor. 9:8–14). So we will give them a love gift to thank them and help send them. In the past we have given from the church to those whom we have sent. Let’s agree again to do this for them gladly.

Let me know what questions you have. I really look forward to meeting with you again soon,