Every year Crossroads sets aside special time in January for in-depth prayer, fasting and planning. In 2009 the church will be entering its fifth year. It is just as important now as ever that we pray and fast before God. Also, it is just as important that we renew our commitment to take church planting seriously. We must always be intentional about church planting and disciple making.

We discussed the retreat at the last ministry meeting a few weeks ago. Thank you to those who volunteered to help organize it. Now we need to settle on a date. I propose: Saturday and Sunday, January 10–11. It is the second weekend of the year; students will have returned and the holidays will have passed.

Respond with your thoughts or questions.

School finals will pass, snow will fall in Louisville, and the holidays will bring light to short days that pass into cold nights. Winter settles in, and we will long for the fresh start of a new year. God’s faithfulness endures. His Word spreads. His Spirit stirs new life. God has good things in store for those who love and follow Him.

Thanks be to God,