I sat down with those at church on Sunday to talk about the next few weeks and to keep everyone together in heart and mind. This is for those who could not be there, and for those who far away still keep up with the church and pray.

Crossroads will still meet Sunday, December 28 at UTA. B—— and E—— will not move until January 2. Next week, December 20, we will have a special time during the service to honor them for their service here, and to pray for them. They are wonderful servants of the church and dear friends! We are so grateful to God that they opened up their home to the church. And we know they want to carry their love for Christ and for the church with them as they go. So we will send them in a way worthy of our Lord. If you cannot come, be sure to send your own note of appreciation to them.

We talked about where we will meet beginning with the new year. J—— has been in contact with U of L in order to rent a room in the SAC on Sundays. We have talked and prayed all semester about having a meeting location on campus. Also, K—— and I will move into UPA this month and open our home. We needed to find an apartment, since we are still staying in Louisville for the time being. We prayed and looked carefully and think that UPA is still one of the best places for ministry. Everyone on Sunday seemed favorable to the idea of having a UPA apartment available again. It is where the church began, and for good reason. Let’s consider these two options at the retreat. Also up for discussion at the retreat is the time of our Sunday meetings. Should we meet at another time on Sunday and why?

Remember: the retreat will be Saturday evening, January 10 to Sunday afternoon, January 11. Please plan now to set aside that time.

Lastly, B—— and E—— are hosting an Indian Christmas Party at 6pm this Friday in the basement of UTA. Many Tamil-speaking friends will come to celebrate the holiday, sing carols, and hear the Christmas story. You’re invited to come and minister with us.