This Sunday at church we will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The meal will be “potluck,” so bring a special dish of food to share (cultural food if you can make it!). The meeting will be at 5pm, our home.

Invite any new or old friends as well. We’ll still sing together and have a simple message.

Many of you have heard K—— and I talk at church about our departure date. God has opened the doors for us to head overseas. We will be in training at the start of the new year, so we will leave the first week of December to visit family.

We welcome you to our home this Sunday so we can see you again and rejoice in what God has done!

I know there will be a day when I’m standing at “the ends of the earth” and only then realize how much God has done in me because of Crossroads to the Nations church. We pray and seek for the day when church fellowships like Crossroads are meeting in places where there are currently none! With your prayers and sending you hasten that day. Thank you!

With thanks,