Brothers and Sisters, Fellow Servants,

There is a church I know that exalts Christ and the cross, that loves one another as family, that obeys the Great Commission by making disciples of all nations. This church has sent out 50% of its members and gives 70% of its money outward to missions and ministry. The church glorifies God as it ignites a passion to reach the nations.

Crossroads to the Nations, thank you for building us up (Eph. 4:12)! Thanks for making our work a joy (Heb. 13:17)! Thanks for sending us in a way worthy of God (3 Jn. 6)!

Remember what we taught you about the gospel and how we lived among you. That is what I had the privilege of saying during our last meeting together (Acts 20:17–36). I thank God because he helped me stay faithful. He’s put a deep love in our hearts for you all that makes it hard to leave.

We will still be several more months before we travel to South Asia for the sake of the gospel. We’re now in New York visiting family and we’re packing long-term bags. Then we go to language training in January. Pray with us so we see opportunities to give outwardly as we go.

May God establish more churches like Crossroads around the world! Remember us in prayer as we pray for you!

The Helmer family