The Nepal Bible Society (NBS) provides a digital version of their Nepali New Revised Version Bible (पवित्र बाइबल) (NRV) and Simple Nepali Bible (सरल नेपाली) (SN). NBS puts these together on a CD or USB flash drive called “E-Bible.” It’s available at their office in Kathmandu or at Christian bookstores like Ekta in Nepal and the Darjeeling District of India. The files could also be requested from NBS by email. Each Bible file is serial numbered, locked and licensed for individual use.

Other Nepali materials from NBS are also published in electronic form on the disk: New Testament Commentary (नयाँ करारको टिप्पनी), Bible Dictionary (बाइबल शब्दकोश) and Theological Topics: OT and NT Articles (शस्त्रका विषयहरू: पुरानो करार र नयाँ करारको लेखहरू). These files are not locked.

The software that NBS provides on the disk is made for Windows (BPBible) and some cell phones (GoBible). However, the actual files of the Nepali Bible resources are in a standard open format, SWORD, that can be opened in other software made for other operating systems, including macOS and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). The SWORD project is maintained by CrossWire Bible Society; they also maintain a list of compatible applications.

If you’re having trouble viewing Nepali (Devanagari) on macOS, see the fonts section in Nepali (Devanagari) Unicode Input for macOS.

NBS E-Bible Files

The Bibles and other materials come as archives (zip files) on the disk from NBS. The NRV and SN Bible files are in the “Bible Society Bibles” folder. The Commentary, Dictionary, OT Articles and NT Articles are archived together as one file in the “Nepali Commentary” folder. There are a few additional resources in the “Other Free English Resources” folder.

Installing on macOS

The recommended application for macOS is Eloquent (formerly MacSword). Download the latest release on GitHub. Move the app to your macOS Applications folder (/Applications).

The NBS E-Bible files will need to go into the folder /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Sword. The <username> is the name of your Home folder. The Library folder is your Home folder and hidden by default in recent versions of macOS. You can find Library while in Finder by clicking the “Go” menu and holding the “Alt” key. You can also go to the Sword folder directly by clicking the “Go” menu in Finder, then “Go to Folder…” and enter the path as above. If the Sword folder does not exist, enter the path above without “/Sword”. Then make the folder by going to the “File” menu (or right-clicking), selecting “New Folder” and naming it “Sword”.

Unzip each archive from the NBS disk that you want to add (double-click an archived file to open its contents). The files in each archive are in an order that needs to preserved. Take care to preserve the folder structure. There are two folders in each archive: mods.d and modules. Create these folders in the Sword folder if necessary. For each archive, drag its mods.d contents to the Sword mods.d folder, and likewise for modules.

Open the Eloquent application and you should see the modules listed. The Nepali New Revised Version and Simple Nepali Bibles are listed under “Biblical Texts” as “NRV” and “SN” respectively. Each will need to be unlocked before viewing. Right click each module and select “Unlock Module”, then enter the digital key that came with the Bible files.

Eloquent can download other modules (Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Books) through their automatic installer. See more information about using Eloquent.

Installing on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

To install the Nepali Bibles on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, you will need to have both the device and a computer with the Bible files from Nepal Bible Society (see NBS E-Bible Files above) connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Download the free iOS app from iTunes, PocketSword.

Open the PocketSword app on the device, click “More” and then “Preferences.” Turn on “Module Maintainer Mode.” Return to “More” then select “Downloads.” Click the small folder button in the top right to manage sources, then select “Module Maintainer Mode”. Note either the Bonjour or IP address.

On the computer, open a web browser and enter either the Bonjour or IP address as found in PocketSword’s “Module Maintainer Mode.” A page appears with a list of the installed modules and buttons to upload and install a module. Click the “Choose File” button. Select one of the zip files as it came from NBS and then “Submit.” You will need to upload and submit each zip file separately. Verify that the modules appear on the “Installed Modules” list at the top of the page.

In the PocketSword app, select “Bibles” and select the Nepali New Revised Version (NRV) and Simple Nepali (SN) Bibles in order to unlock them. A prompt will appear; select “Yes” and enter the digital key that came from NBS with the Bible files.

For other Nepali Bible digital resources, see Nepali Bibles Online.

Update 2019

Updated links.

Update 2017

The NBS Bibles — Nepali New Revised Version and Simple Nepali — are available on the mobile app YouVersion and it’s companion website, The versions are called NNRV and सरल नेपाली, respectively. The YouVersion app allows downloading the texts for offline reading. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others.