StoryTogether is the IMB’s latest effort to reach oral people, a development in partnership with The Seed Company.

A call to the IMB offices by anyone interested in Bible translation might (today) go something like this:

“Hello. What are the opportunities to serve with the IMB in the area of Bible translation?”

“Have you tried Wycliffe?”

“But I would like to stay connected to the local church and be a part of planting local churches.”

“We don’t do Bible translation per se. But let me put you in touch with our orality department.”

The orality department would be glad (today) to tell you about StoryTogether. On paper, something like StoryTogether is an acceptable way to work within the IMB and reach people with God’s Word. This is not the IMB’s first attempt at an orality strategy that tries to encourage Bible translation and church planting. Some may feel it’s not Bible translation enough; others that it’s not church planting enough. But many have been using the strategy to effectively make disciples. It’s worth the time to look at it, especially the detailed answers to the Questions.