Reading Seed Sowers by Gwen Toliver

Seed Sowers cover
Seed Sowers cover

In Seed Sowers: Gospel-Planting Adventures, Gwen Toliver gives a series of well-written and encouraging vignettes about the lives of Bible translators.

Another book I read recently, The Multilingual God by Steve Fortosis, detailed the linguistic task of translators. Toliver’s book provides a look into the physical and spiritual side of the task. Both books are less than 200 pages with many short chapters.

In Seed Sowers, you may find yourself hacking out a trail in Irian Jayan jungles or weeping and praying with village friends over their deathly-ill daughter. The experiences of the translators do not feel distant because the author does not present them as exotic. The message is communicated clearly through the stories: God is with his people — us! — not only as we bring his Word to those without it, but live it out as we do.