Excerpt from Chelsea Kolz Boes, “Follow the ‘Reading Rules,’” World.

Have you, at any time in your life, grown accustomed to reading for utility instead of pleasure? If you are like me, and especially if you have recently been to college, you will have to reinvigorate your loves. I developed the Reading Rules over this year. You follow them like this:

  1. Go to the library.
  2. Do not hunt. Meander.
  3. Pull something out that you like the look of. Begin to read. If you do not care enough about it to stand in the aisle perusing for at least five minutes, leave it behind. If the book lasts that long, take it with you. Remember, you are not on trial. The book is.
  4. Gather a large stack of material from several genres: cookbooks, craft books, novels, biographies, and especially children’s books.
  5. Take the stack home, but never feel like you must read any part of your stack in its entirety — unless you want to. The only way you can fail at the Reading Rules is by feeling guilty. And if you feel guilty about not finishing a certain book, you will get stuck and never move on. If you are like me, you will stop reading what you want to read because something you feel you should read hangs over your head. And remember, you learn more reading a little bit of a book than you learn reading nothing at all.