Every child of divorce must walk a path of healing… The point is to see how, as children of divorce, Jesus Christ is a light in dark places, a hope for the broken, confused, and lonely…

  1. Everyone in a family is organically, emotionally, spiritually connected.
  2. For a child, experiencing a divorce is experiencing a violent storm.
  3. Divorce does not just separate parents.
  4. Divorce separates you from you.
  5. Brokenness is not unrighteousness.
  6. You didn’t do anything wrong, but you still have to heal.
  7. Marriage and divorce communicate something about God’s love.
  8. God has a special affection for you.
  9. God is building you to help others.
  10. Reach out to others who have walked this hard path.

Read it all at Paul Maxwell, “To the Sons and Daughters of Divorce,” Desiring God.