First, a well-meaning jab: it’s not research but Scripture which reveals “truths” about discipleship. Second, a self-deprecating one: it’s easy to post about research anyway when it reinforces your views!

The article linked below is a summary of findings by LifeWay Research about discipleship. It’s succinct and pointed. Here’s my summary of it’s summary: Disciples grow by intentionally engaging with Scripture together.

I’ve put the headings here, but the article has a punchy C.S. Lewis quote and explanations for each point that should also be read.

  1. Discipleship is intentional.
  2. Reading the Bible matters more than anything else.
  3. The discipline of Bible engagement impacts every other discipline.
  4. Groups matter. A lot.
  5. There is a deep connection between discipleship and evangelism.

From Eric Geiger, “5 Truths from 10 Years of Discipleship Research”.