Notes from Dr. Bill Warren’s presentation at NOBTS Colloquium, “Bible Translation as Missions,” Oct. 2014 (“Bible Translation as Missions” Colloquium)

Observations from a Textual Critic

  • A call for training in Greek and Hebrew
  • A call for awareness of textual criticism
  • A call for noting textual information in the translation via notes
  • A call for checking the segmentation of the text versus the original text
  • A call for notes on the importance of variants for understanding the text even when not original — some are likely original to the setting, but not to the text

Concluding Remarks

  1. Missions both promotes the translation of the Bible and is moved forward by the translation of the Bible
  2. Bible translations can become key aspects of Christian life, so need to be done with as much excellence as feasible within the context and time constraints
  3. Translations need to reflect major textual information both within the translation and in the notes included in the translation

If we’re not involved in Bible translation and Bible promotion, I think there’s a real question about what we’re really doing. It doesn’t mean everyone ought to be involved in Bible translation, but everyone ought to be involved in Bible promotion.