Notes from “Advocating for Accessible UI Design” by Lara Schenck on CSS-Tricks.

Accessibility is not just the responsibility of web developers. Accessibility begins with design decisions. Share non-technical tips for UI design to everyone on the team so they make more accessible design choices in future:

  1. Easy on the animations.
  2. Make sure background and text colors have enough contrast.
  3. Be very careful when overlaying text on images, or don’t.
  4. Double-check the readability of font weights and sizes.
  5. Indicate external links.
  6. Differentiate between action-oriented social media links vs. profile links.
  7. Don’t rely 100% on icons and colors to communicate.
  8. Consider what the design would look like without interactivity.

Read the details at “Advocating for Accessible UI Design.”