Billy Graham spoke at a TED conference in 1998, 20 years before his death last month. He made it clear that he was ready for it even then. Graham was winsome as he asked the large gathering of tech leaders and thinkers how technology can address the problems of human evil, suffering and death.

I like what John Dyer had to say about it in 2010:

What I appreciate most about his talk is that Graham did not give it to a church audience who would immediately agree with him. Instead in his audiences are some of the greatest technological minds ever gathered, many of whom are no friends of religion. It’s a classic example of how a speaker can appeal to an audience’s sensibilities, gain a sense of trust, and then finally address the person of Jesus Christ.

And Dyer summed up Graham’s message:

… technology brings amazing benefits to humanity, but it’s failure to alleviate the brokenness of the human heart ultimately point us to our need for a Savior.