I studied Greek and Hebrew at seminary. If you’re curious about how I’ve continued to study the biblical languages while on the field, here are some things I’ve used:

  • Anki software for vocabulary review
  • Daily Dose of Greek videos by Dr. Rob Plummer (a gifted teacher and former missionary)
  • Accordance software for in-depth study of biblical languages
  • Logos software, along with Translator’s Workplace, for biblical commentaries and other resources
  • A good book: David Alan Black’s Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek
  • I haven’t kept up with Hebrew… (my great Hebrew teacher must be watching; I came across his textbooks in the small bookshop of our small Himalayan town)

The internet is good enough to depend on for videos and large software packages (sometimes letting it run overnight). It wasn’t that way when I came to the field.

I prefer digital materials for research but not reading. My use of biblical languages is for research. Besides, books are heavy and costly to transport overseas. I can carry a digital library with me as a I travel.

See How I’ve Used the Biblical Languages on the Field.