When you’re with beauty, in art or in nature, you tend to move at Kairos time — slowly, serenely but thickly.

… the first sacred thing in the Bible is not a thing, it is a time period, the seventh day. …

Mako has the sorts of thoughts one has when you live at a different pace. He is, he says, a border stalker.

… He is one of those people who live on the edges of groups and travel between groups, bringing news from outside.

… [His book] advocates an environmental movement for the culture — replacing the harsh works that flow from fear with works that are generous, generative and generational.

That last word is a breath from another age. What would it mean to live generationally once in a while, in a world that now finds the daily newspaper too slow?

David Brooks, “Longing for an Internet Cleanse: A small rebellion against the quickening of time,” The New York Times (Mar 28, 2019)