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The trove. Some posts were migrated from “Saved” ( Others are loosely collected notes from research and writing. It has now become a flow of updates, asides, and photos from living and working abroad.

K screamed and I came running. A pair of goats was there, in the house. They had made their way through the garage, up the stairs, and into the room behind her. Without even knocking. Kids these days.

Today’s conditions: 💨 blow dryer.

In India, comedy doesn’t require imagination. You just wake up, read the news and half your job is done.

Anuvab Pal, “A lifetime of material: a comedian’s guide to the Indian election,” The Guardian (May 22, 2019)

A peddler of colorful cloth and a shop for copies and rice
A peddler of colorful cloth and a shop for copies and rice

It would be a funny and enlightening hour.

… find a smart person and have them watch you use the computer for an hour.

Seth Godin, “Digital hygiene” (May 20, 2019)

Today’s conditions: 😖 poor gut flora.

We begin to make promises to others by having “a domain of our own”: It is a first step toward “standing by our words” in the digital realm. As [Wendell] Berry says, “We are speaking where we stand, and we shall stand afterwards in the presence of what we have said.” By taking back the responsibility of our words from the Headmasters, by ceasing to live on their bounty, we step away from the “merely provisional” uses of language and toward genuine accountability. We thereby make a small promise to the future, and take a step toward giving those who come after us cleaner earth to till. We may also wish them good weather — but that, too, largely depends on the promises we make, and our fidelity in keeping them.

Alan Jacobs, “Tending the Digital Commons: A Small Ethics toward the Future,” The Hedgehog Review (Spring 2018)

Via Matt Miller.

“Elephants have right of way. Do not obstruct.”
“Elephants have right of way. Do not obstruct.”

People naturally avoid the elephant in the room. Apparently, we don’t have the same sense when we meet one in the road.