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When I’m asked the more existential question of how I’ve survived so long as a freelancer, my response is always the same: above all, be reliable.

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Holding a reflection huddle with your team once a week. Teams we’ve worked with hold an hour-long huddle once a week in which each person answers three questions directed at encouraging: 1) Play: What did I learn this week? 2) Purpose: What impact did I have this week? And 3) Potential: What do I want to learn next week?

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“10 Ways to Get Rich Quick in Relational Capital”: Summary /

Summary of Neil Miller, “10 Ways to Get Rich Quick in Relational Capital,” March 16, 2015.

Building relational capital is essential for doing business in India. Different cultures put different weight on how important it is to do business. Also, there are different rules for how you build relational capital.

Here are ten of the best methods for building relationships in India (and also getting inside someone’s circle of obligation):

  1. Get to know the family
  2. Share your family
  3. Never turn down tea/coffee
  4. Food
  5. Attend family functions and festival celebrations
  6. Go on a trip together
  7. Chat early and often
  8. Visit their home, invite them to yours
  9. Give gifts
  10. Request favors