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Face-to-Face and Spiritual Formation /

Physical presence allows Paul and Timothy — and you and me — to strengthen and establish, encourage and exhort in ways we cannot through media, however advanced that media may be. Paul made the extraordinary effort to be with his fellow believers because he knew the extraordinary potential of being face to face.

—Marshall Segal, “I Long to See You: What Apple Will Never Replace” (Jan 10, 2018)


[A]fter a few decades of experiments and tests, we can say that online education appears to be a spiritually healthy way to train men and women for ministry.

—John Dyer, “Does Face-to-Face Education Damage Seminary Students?” (Jan 13, 2018)

I was taken aback by the conclusion of this article. I didn’t expect Kairos Journal to overstep Scripture and state that academic education should be an imperative for pastors. I was confused that the author of the article seemed grateful for the example of the Puritan leaders who opposed a man as pastor who was pious and literate but academically unprepared.

The qualifications for pastors that the Scriptures give are of godly character and ability to teach. Theological education is good in as much as it can serve this end.

“The Rise of the Pastor-Scholar,” Kairos Journal

LibraryBox: Portable Private Digital Distribution /

LibraryBox is an open source, portable digital file distribution tool based on inexpensive hardware that enables delivery of educational, healthcare, and other vital information to individuals off the grid.

[Look for v2.1 which brings localization (language) support. —C.M.H.]

“Bible Translation as Missions” Colloquium /

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) hosted a colloquium on Bible translation as missions in October 2014.

Baptist Press reported.

NOBTS posted videos of the presentations on it’s YouTube channel and some of the talks were later published in Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry (Spring 2015).