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Today’s conditions: 🌨 a snowing of dust.

A yeti sighting
A yeti sighting

Today’s conditions: 💨 blow dryer.

In India, comedy doesn’t require imagination. You just wake up, read the news and half your job is done.

Anuvab Pal, “A lifetime of material: a comedian’s guide to the Indian election,” The Guardian (May 22, 2019)

Today’s conditions: 😖 poor gut flora.

We waste far too much time writing and maintaining styles with JavaScript, and I think it’s time for a change. Which is why it’s my pleasure to announce an emerging web standard called CSS. …

A good sign that a technology is not fit for purpose is how much we have to rely on workarounds and best practices to get by. Another sign is just how much code we have to write in order to get simple things done. … CSS solves JavaScript’s styling problems, and elegantly.

Heydon Pickering, “CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript” (Jul 11, 2018)

Mel-AHN-cho-ly /

We watched the movie Megamind with the kids a few Friday nights ago. Megamind is an alien who loved big words and pronounced them badly. He wanted to be the villain of metrosity (“Metro City”).

It was his pronunciation of another word, “melancholy,” that we kept chuckling about. He put the stress on the second syllable:


We kept wanting to say to it aloud. Such a silly mishandling of “melancholy” lifts some of its sadness.

“The Bee Explains: Calvinism Vs. Arminianism,” The Babylon Bee (May 18, 2017)

Panorama of children't picture book covers
Creation to Christmas: Big Picture Picture Books /

At CTBP we know you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the little ones in your life. Something simple yet significant. And you want our recommendation. Well…

Why not give them the Creation and Consummation of the cosmos in a picture book? What would better satisfy your niece or nephew than the biblical panorama of salvation history to read in one sitting? An epic present. Really.

The idea of the Bible as one epic story is catching on with authors, illustrators and publishers. Jesus started the idea (Luke 24:27, 44–49). Missionaries have taken to crafting “Creation to Christ” (C2C) stories to cross cultures. I tell it as the Kingdom Story. And now there are picture books to give you more creative ways to convey the good news to your children. Make this year’s gift truly epic by doing it together: reading, believing and living out the story of the Bible.

Below are three winners and two honorable mentions in the category of… uh… big picture picture books.


Honorable Mentions

Two other books are too long for one sitting but present the Bible clearly and creatively as one story.


Kevin DeYoung and Don Clark made a board book to go along with The Biggest Story, The Biggest Story ABC.

Calvin and Hobbes: “Play is worse than work” /

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for May 12, 2015 — GoComics

Calvin: How come grown-ups don’t go out to play?

Dad: Grown-ups can only justify playing outside by calling it exercise, doing it when they’d rather not, and keeping records to quantify their performance.

Calvin: That sounds like a job.

Dad: … Except you don’t get paid.

Calvin: So play is worse than work?

Dad: Being a grown-up is tough.