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Gary Simons, “Welcome to the 22nd edition,” Ethnoblog (Feb 21, 2019)

I’m fascinated by these visualizations of languages used online between cities.

“How the world communicates”

Ethnologue, 21st Edition /

On Mother Language Day (Feb 21), the editor of Ethnologue announced its 21st edition.

  • 7,097: living languages worldwide
  • 19: languages dropped (being extinct, merged or unsubstantiated)
  • 17: languages added (being dormant or identified)
  • 11: languages not previously identified


Ethnologue, 20th Edition /

The 20th edition of the Ethnologue was released on the occasion of International Mother Language Day.

The Ethnologue has been documenting the world’s languages since 1951. This edition lists 7,099 living languages worldwide. Eleven languages that were listed as living in the previous edition were dropped and 13 are newly listed as living.

Also, the Ethnologue now adds new data for many languages: the written autonym (“self name”) that the speakers of the language give to the language itself; country-level international conventions to which the country is signatory and which affirm the language and culture rights of indigenous and minority peoples; and any revitalization efforts in language development.