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Robert D. Jones, “Three Scripture passages to help you fight porn,” Southern Equip

Brad Hambrick, “Do you have the motivation it takes to quit porn?” Covenant Eyes (Aug 15, 2017)

The Internet for missionaries can be a force of connection, distraction, or addiction. This article about the effects of online technology on missions and missionaries was both bold and gracious.

Today’s digital technology can either serve as powerful tools to build Christ’s kingdom or devastating weapons aimed at destroying the life and soul of those on mission. …

[P]ressing into the local community in difficult and dangerous places is now twice as hard when the soft pillow of digital inanities constantly beckons. …

Social media, gaming,… pornography …

Each day, thousands of unreached people enter an eternity apart from Christ, while four out of ten of our young men are too entrapped in sexual addiction to bring them the good news of Christ’s freedom.

Even for men and women who have experienced liberation from porn addiction, the temptation remains. Porn is always available on the internet, quietly lurking in the shadows of the same devices that allow them to spend Christmas morning with their grandparents or to share The Jesus Film with a local friend. …

Each year that passes in the digital age, we’re likely to see more precious workers on the mission field who, when testifying to the possibility of freedom from addiction, speak from experience.

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