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If you seek to imitate the Apostle Paul as he imitated Christ, then consider these lessons from Galatians written by my friend John:

  1. The message of our ministry is the gospel.
  2. The challenge of our ministry is opposition to the gospel.
  3. The motivation of our ministry is love.
  4. The goal of our ministry is Christlikeness.

John Divito, “Pastoral Lessons from Galatians,” Founders Ministries (Apr 18, 2018) via Southern Equip.

I was taken aback by the conclusion of this article. I didn’t expect Kairos Journal to overstep Scripture and state that academic education should be an imperative for pastors. I was confused that the author of the article seemed grateful for the example of the Puritan leaders who opposed a man as pastor who was pious and literate but academically unprepared.

The qualifications for pastors that the Scriptures give are of godly character and ability to teach. Theological education is good in as much as it can serve this end.

“The Rise of the Pastor-Scholar,” Kairos Journal