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“Facing a Task Unfinished” Hymn Project /
Facing a Task Unfinished
Facing a Task Unfinished

Have you heard the latest album from modern hymn-writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty, “Facing a Task Unfinished”? A friend said, tongue-in-cheek, that hymns about missions are a paradox. My family has it on repeat right now. It’s timely for us. Go listen for yourself.

Three titles in this article caught my attention:

Kurt Bullis, “10 Books on Missions Everyone Should Read” (May 8, 2015)

“Missions Is Not Your God, God Is Your God.” /

Francis Chan and David Platt talk. Recorded for the Verge Conference, November 2014. From Radical Blog, May 4, 2015.

Three Reasons Missionaries Should Learn Biblical Greek and Hebrew /

For your consideration… 3 Reasons Missionaries Should Learn Biblical Greek and Hebrew.

How? /

The weary ones had rest, the sad had joy that day
And wondered “How?”
A plowman singing at his work, had prayed,
“Lord, help them now.”

Away in foreign lands they wondered “How?”
Their feeble words had power:
At home the Christians, “two or three,” had met
To pray an hour!

Yes, we are always wondering, wondering “How?”
Because we do not see
Someone unknown perhaps, and far away,
On bended knee.

A hidden one apart, but near to God,
Was claiming Victory,—
As they went forth to battle in His name,
“Lord, be Thou nigh!”

The hands were steady till the setting sun—
No need to “wonder” more,
How courage, faith and hope were all supplied
From Heaven’s store.

For this thy praying host who wait on Thee
According to Thy Word,
Who plead by day and night within Thy courts,
We thank Thee, Lord!

A gentleman gave me this poem at a Hillcrest Baptist Church (Dallas) missions conference. He was ninety years old and had spent his life translating the Bible in South America. It says well what we mean by being “lifted.”

I had grown up in Connecticut, and gone to Mexico City, and from there to Chalco, but that did not do any good unless I went the last five feet; that is, unless I contacted the people, told them about the Lord, and taught them to use the books we had brought them.

—Eunice Pike

Mission to the Dominican Republic this week! /

M—— left yesterday with a team from the BCM to serve in the Dominican Republic. They’ll be there until Monday, giving clean water, care, visitation to the hospitalized, and children’s ministry. We had neglected to give towards M——’s mission earlier, and so on Sunday we happily and quickly agreed to give $500 toward her expenses. Please pray for this team throughout the week!

Thanks again,

Praying People /

Crossroads family,

Remember us this week! B—— and E——, L—— and the Helmers will be working with D—— in Dallas. Remember us before the Father often! Remember us for His own glory! Remember us for your own joy!

The others are already in Dallas. We write from K——’s parents in Oklahoma and will join them tomorrow.

M——, J—— and others will be leaving for Indonesia also. We need wisdom to know how to love God and love others publicly. We know God wants to be known. He has given us His Word and His Son to show it. We know He will complete the work.

Amen! See you soon, Lord willing,
The Helmers