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Himalchuli: Aradhna’s Nepali Compilation /

Aradhna compiled an album of Nepali songs, Himalchuli: Spiritual Songs from Nepal (2009). Aradna’s lead singer and musician, Chris Hale, grew up in Nepal and studied sitar in India. The songs are folk songs and “bhajans” (devotional hymns), a fusion of east and west, sitar and guitar, tabla and drum kit.

Many of the songs are Nepali folk hymns arranged by Aradhna. The style and message fit a Hindu context but have been appreciated by Nepali and Western audiences wherever I’ve sung them with guitar.

The CD can be ordered at Aradhna makes the album available for free to those working with Bhutanese refugees. You can also compile the individual tracks from other albums. I listed the songs below with their original albums. Some of the songs are attributed to Olio, the band Hale formed before Aradhna. You can find song lyrics and loose translations listed with the original albums on Aradhna’s discography page.

  1. “Prabhu Ji,” Aparampar by Olio
  2. “Na Socha,” Deep Jalé by Aradhna
  3. “Himalchuli,” Aparampar by Olio
  4. “Khola Khola Dhoka,” Aparampar by Olio
  5. “Ishwarle,” Marga Darshan by Aradhna
  6. “Aayo Hai Aayo,” Amrit Vani by Aradhna
  7. “Lo Suna Saathi,” Marga Darshan by Aradhna
  8. “Surulurulu,” Aparampar by Olio
  9. “Prabhu Ko Darshan,” Marga Darshan by Aradhna
  10. “Ishwarle (Live),” Satsang by Aradhna

Aradhna also recorded a traditional Nepali Christmas song, “Herana,” on a later album, Namaste Saté (2011).

Romans Road in Nepali /

के म तपाईँ संग मुक्तिको बारेमा (बाइबलमा लेखिएको) परमेश्वरको केही कुरा भन्न सक्छु?

ke ma tapaainsanga muktiko baaremaa (baaibalmaa lekhieko) parmeswarko kehi kuraa bhanna sakchha?

Can I tell you something of God, about salvation (that is written in the Bible)?

Romans 3:23

सबैले पाप गरेका छन्‌, र परमेश्वरको महिमासम्म पुग्नबाट चुकेका छन्‌ (र परमेश्वरदेखि टाढिएका छन्)।

sabaile paap garekaa chhan, ra parmeswarko mahimaasamma pugnabaaTa chukekaa chhan (ra parmeswardekhi TaaDhiekaa chhan).

All have sinned and fail to reach up to God’s glory (and are far from God).

धेरै मानिस हरू पापले मानिसहरूलाई नष्ट गर्दैछ भनेर बिचार गर्छन तर सवैको मन भित्र पाप छ।

dherai maanisharu paaple maanisharulaai nasT gardaichha bhanera bichaar garchhan tara sabaiko man bhitra paap chha.

Many people think that sin is doing harm to people but sin is inside of every heart.

Romans 6:23

पापको ज्याला मृत्यु हो, तर परमेश्वरको सित्तैँको (अनुग्रहको) वरदान प्रभु येशू ख्रीष्टमा अनन्त जीवन हो।

paapko jyaalaa mrityu ho, tara parmeswarko sittainko (anugrahako) bardaan prabhu khrisT yesumaa ananta jiwan ho.

The wages of sin is death, but God’s free (gracious) gift in the Lord Jesus Christ is eternal life.

हामी आफ्नो पापले गर्दा परमेश्वरदेखि अलग (टाढा) भएकोछौं।हामी परमेश्वरसम्म पुग्न सक्दैनौं तर परमेश्वर हामीकहाँ आउनुभयो। उहाँले एक मात्र छोरा येशू ख्रिष्टलाई संसारमा हाम्रो निम्ती पठाउनुभयो।

haami aaphno paaple gardaa parmeswardekhi alag (TaaDhaa) bhaeko chhaun. haami parmeswarsamma pugna sakdainaun tara parmeswar haamikahaan aaunubhayo. uhaanle ek maatra chhoraa yesu khrisTlaai sansaarmaa haamro nimti paTaaunubhayo.

Because of our own sin we have become separated (far) from God. We cannot reach up to God, but God came to us. He sent his one and only son Jesus Christ to the world for us.

Romans 5:8

परमेश्वरले हाम्रो निम्ति उहाँको प्रेम यसैमा देखाउनुहुन्छ, कि हामी पापी छँदै ख्रीष्ट हाम्रो निम्ति मर्नुभयो।

parmeswarle haamro nimti uhaanko prem yasaimaa dekhaaunuhunchha, ki haami paapi chhandai khrisT haamro nimti marnubhayo.

God shows his love for us in this way, that while we were sinners Christ died for us.

Romans 10:9

यदि तपाईंले येशूलाई प्रभु हो भनी आफ्नो मुखले स्वीकार गर्नुभयो (मानीलिनुभयो), र परमेश्वरले उहाँलाई मृत्युबाट जीवित पार्नुभयो भनी आफ्नो हृदयमा विश्वास गर्नुभयो भने तपाईंले उद्धार (मुक्ति) पाउनुहुनेछ।

yadi tapaainle yesulaai prabhu ho bhani aaphno mukhle swikaar garnubhayo (maani linubhayo), ra parmeswarle uhaanlai mrityubaaTa jibit paarnubhayo bhani aaphno hridaymaa biswas garnubhayo bhane tapaainle uddhaar (mukti) paaunuhunechha.

If you admit with your own mouth saying Jesus is Lord and believe in your own heart saying God made him alive from death then you will receive salvation.

Nepali Bibles Online /

This page is a short list of Bible texts or Bible audio in Nepali which are available online. It is not an exhaustive list of Nepali Bible translations, nor online Nepali resources which are Christian. These resources have helped me and those with which I’ve worked and I am happy to promote them.


YouVersion also has the NBS NRV and SN through the website for online reading and companion app on mobile phones for offline downloading.

The ERV is translated by World Bible Translation Center, which uses an accelerated translation process. This process has resulted in problematic translations in other languages. For another version in easy language, consider Nepal Bible Society’s Simple Nepali translation.

  • IBS-STL Nepali Bible
    Source: Biblica (formerly International Bible Society and Send the Light). [No longer available.]


Update 2017

  • Nixed IBS’s version
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