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Maria Bonvissuto, “The Family That Sings Together,” The Rabbit Room (Dec 20, 2018)

Austin Kleon, “Take your kid to work” (Oct 5, 2018)

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Love might be your downfall; it opens you to all kinds of wonders and perils. … Imagination is just a mess. Why, it’s a veritable jellyroll of hope and yearning all spiraled together, and that sticky filling will get all over your suave exterior. …

If we dare to choose whole-heartedness, we release creativity from the strangulation of Cool and make it an offering for God’s kingdom purposes. And make no mistake: what we model as parents implicitly shapes our children’s entire approach. I want myself and my children to risk vulnerability. To dare earnest hope. To let our whole hearts get into our work without an exit strategy, instead of putting forth a little nub that can be pulled back at a moment’s notice.

Kathleen Shumate, “Daring to be Whole-Hearted,” Story Warren (Jun 4, 2018)

Children Versus Authoring /

Michael Chabon: Children instead of authoring.

Austin Kleon: Authoring because of children.

If I had followed the great man’s advice and never burdened myself with the gift of my children, or if I had never written any novels at all, in the long run the result would have been the same as the result will be for me here, having made the choice I made: I will die; and the world in its violence and serenity will roll on, through the endless indifference of space, and it will take only 100 of its circuits around the sun to turn the six of us, who loved each other, to dust, and consign to oblivion all but a scant few of the thousands upon thousands of novels and short stories written and published during our lifetimes. If none of my books turns out to be among that bright remnant because I allowed my children to steal my time, narrow my compass, and curtail my freedom, I’m all right with that. Once they’re written, my books, unlike my children, hold no wonder for me; no mystery resides in them. Unlike my children, my books are cruelly unforgiving of my weaknesses, failings, and flaws of character. Most of all, my books, unlike my children, do not love me back. Anyway, if, 100 years hence, those books lie moldering and forgotten, I’ll never know. That’s the problem, in the end, with putting all your chips on posterity: You never stick around long enough to enjoy it.

Michael Chabon, “Are Kids the Enemy of Writing?” GQ (Apr 26, 2018)

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