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“Facing a Task Unfinished” Hymn Project /
Facing a Task Unfinished
Facing a Task Unfinished

Have you heard the latest album from modern hymn-writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty, “Facing a Task Unfinished”? A friend said, tongue-in-cheek, that hymns about missions are a paradox. My family has it on repeat right now. It’s timely for us. Go listen for yourself.

The Gospel of the Kingdom — The Bible Project /

The Gospel of the Kingdom video at The Bible Project.

In Isaiah 52 a messenger comes to tell the good news that God still reigns and that he is coming to bring his reign to earth. This video explores how Jesus saw himself as that messenger and as the King.

Check out The Bible Project for short, animated videos on Bible books and key biblical themes, all to help us see the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

“God Wrote a Book”: Video and Resources from Desiring God /

God wrote a book! Be moved afresh by this miracle through the video and Bible reading resources at

“Introducing ‘The Creator King’” by Jackson Wu /

The Creator King, a gospel tract as “single Scriptural story” instead of “selective systematic statements.”

One story in six stages:

  1. One Family Under Heaven
  2. Losing Face and Seeking Face
  3. King of All Nations
  4. Setting the World Right
  5. Honored through Shame
  6. Avenging Shame and Restoring God’s Kingdom
Indelible Grace 6 Free Album Download /

Indelible Grace VI: Joy Beyond the Sorrow

Joy and sorrow are the two great inspirations for song in our world…. We long for the church to grow in both her freedom to cry and her freedom to hope.

—Kevin Twit, Indelible Grace

Access the ESV Global Study Bible via, the new ESV Bible app, or the free e-book.

“Introducing ‘The Promises of God’” by Jackson Wu /

Gospel presentations have a disproportionate influence on the way people afterwards read the Bible. Therefore, it substantially shapes their biblical and theological framework. …

This single idea is the seed for both The Promises of God as well as The Creator King

Jackson Wu, “Introducing ‘The Promises of God.’”

“Bible Translation as Missions” Colloquium /

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) hosted a colloquium on Bible translation as missions in October 2014.

Baptist Press reported.

NOBTS posted videos of the presentations on it’s YouTube channel and some of the talks were later published in Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry (Spring 2015).

Storytelling and Translation Podcast /

When you aspire to make disciples of all nations, you must prepare to work among people who cannot read and leave them with what they need to carry on the work. The story4all podcast provided a testimony and summary of one worker’s approach in Southeast Asia that considers orality, written translation and church planting. If you’re preparing your strategy now, think about how to bring these together.

Below is the audio of “Story and Translation, Part 1” (and here’s Part 2).

Download audio

Nepali Bible Story Set /

Omega Training Partnership (OTP) produced a set of basic Bible stories in Nepali. There are 28 Old and New Testament stories and one “Creation to Church” overview story. The language and style of the stories is ideal for a Hindu context in Western Nepal. It’s simple enough for Nepali speakers elsewhere and language learners like me.

The audio files are available for download at the Orality Strategies website. Each story has a black and white watercolor painting in a Nepali village setting and an outline with questions on the opposite side. The Creation to Church story has a more detailed “handy guide.” There is also a Nepali transcript with English back-translation.

The stories of the Nepali Bible Story Set:

  1. God Creates the Unseen World
  2. God Creates the World and Man
  3. Sin and Death Enter the World
  4. Man Starts to Kill Man (Cain and Abel)
  5. God Judges Evil by Flood
  6. God Divides Many Languages
  7. Abraham’s Call and Promise
  8. God Tests Abraham’s Faith
  9. God’s People in Egypt
  10. Moses’ Birth and Calling
  11. Plagues in Egypt and Deliverance
  12. Ten Commandments and Idol Worship
  13. David and the Eternal Kingdom
  14. Elijah Proves the True God
  15. Promise of the Coming Savior
  16. The Birth of Jesus
  17. Jesus Is Baptized and Tested
  18. Jesus Chooses Twelve Disciples
  19. Jesus Calms the Storm
  20. Jesus Overcomes Demonic Power
  21. Jesus Heals and Forgives Sin
  22. Jesus Raises the Dead to Life
  23. The Story of the Lost Son
  24. Rich Man and Poor Man
  25. The Last Supper
  26. Jesus’ Arrest and Crucifixion
  27. Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension
  28. Holy Spirit Comes on the Church
  29. Creation to Church (“Fast Track”)

Nepali Bible Story Set